Growth, jobs and more

I was speaking at the 2009 Growth and Jobs Summit on Thursday, discussing the future Lisbon strategy 2010-2020 . My key messages were:

  • the crisis is deep and serious, but this too will pass;
  • there are plenty of challenges, big picture issues, stuff that matters (mostly related to the care for the people and care for the nature);
  • short term bailouts, stimli etc. must not play against long term structural shifts;
  • build the future on what has been good and what has worked to create enormous prosperity, a long period of growth and peace and not on utopian regressions;
  • an EU reform strategy like the Lisbon Strategy is welcome – Brussels can push for the right thing not for the popular thing;
  • strategies are good, but we must create mechanisms that turn good ideas into action.

Below are the slides I prepared:

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