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Soon after I became a government minister in March 2007 I started a blog in Slovenian language. A very natural decision, because I have been a computer geek since early 1980s. I blog to share my thoughts about politics, science and technology, research and development, sustainable development, day to day life etc. And also to get feedback from the citizens, sometimes even from colleagues-politicians.

In the first half of 2008, Slovenia is taking over the presidency of the EU, more specifically, it will preside over the European Council. Ministers of our government are involved in the preparations and will be involved in the presidency. So there is much to blog about in English as well.

The European Union, as an abstract entity, is aware of the problem of communicating the policies to the citizens. But the EU are also very concrete people with ideas, thoughts and worries. As a minister in a member state government I am one of them. By taking an open, direct, two way approach to communicating I hope to contribute to a better understanding of EU policies.

I am writing this blog myself, in person, without consultation with the PR office, without clearance from offical spokespersons. This blog is not providing an official view of the EU, or of the government of Slovenia. It is personal, but about public issues:

PS. I started this blog in Blogger. I’m trying out Blogactiv. I hope to be able to unify both into one blog, but can’t make import feature to work here!

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  1. Mr Turk,

    Your blog is a very welcome and interesting development, especially for those, like me, whose grasp of the Slovene language is so poor.

    As a founder member of the new British Chamber of Commerce in Slovenia, which is currently being established and which we hope to officially launch early next year, we look forward to the Slovenian Presidency of the Council with great interest and hope.

    I hope that your initiative of open, direct, two-way communicating will be taken up by others in the near future since this approach can only assist in a greater understanding between countries, between Government and the commercial sector and, most importantly, between people.

    I wish you every success and look forward to reading your thoughts over the coming weeks and months

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